Toggle dark/light mode by clapping your hands


A few days ago, we released dark mode in beta. While we're still iterating on it, I built a Chrome extension to easily toggle it by clapping my hands.

Speeding up Storybook locally by running filtered stories 🚀


Working on a big monorepo means that developing with Storybook can become painfully slow. A small change can drastically speed it up!

Setting up a RaspberryPi without monitor and keyboard


For a long time, I thought a keyboard and monitor were needed to do the initial setup of a RaspberryPi. However, I recently learnt that you can do this using only another computer!

Predicting indoor location using machine learning and wifi information


After trying out a Python project called whereami, I spent some time trying to replicate it in JavaScript.

Creating low poly 3D scenes with Spline


Quick overview of Spline, a 3D design tool for web experiences and how I spent a few hours creating a low-poly scene.

Creating a Github action to detect toxic comments using TensorFlow.js


Over the weekend, I spent a few hours building a Github action to automatically detect potentially toxic comments and PR reviews.

Yeah, nah... I'm not ok


If you've been following my work, you may be used to seeing weird JavaScript projects exploring HCI, but this post won't be about that.